Sunday, 10 April 2016

Almost 2 months have past once again!
Been so busy getting everything ready for the hot sauce season along with having another spontaneous pneumothorax on Feb 28th has put a damper on the guitars but still managing to get some work done!
Redid my SE-800/1000 from the trans white into an aged trans blonde.
Turned out OK I suppose...added a NOS SE1000 birdseye neck to it that I have owned for 6 years but never used...even coated from the factory with lacquer as it had checking in various spots.
Decided to age that a little too to match the guitar.


Trans white:

And Currently:

That's it for now, hope everyone is safe and well!

Monday, 15 February 2016

I am slipping again, aren't I?
OK...been trying to get the hot sauce all ready to go so haven't had a ton of time for refinishing but have done some.
Here they are!

This 2002 JM66 was Kurt Cobained so I stripped it, glued all the cracks with hide glue, and refinished it in a creamy blonde with a tint of green to it.
Turned out pretty...pretty...pretty...pretty good!
Building a new flamed maple neck for it from scratch with a Brazilian Rosewood board, should look awesome!

1978 Greco SE800 Strat Partscaster Refinish

1979 Greco SE600 Seafoam Refinish

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Finally done this bugger!!
Started off as a 2010 ESP Edwards E-LP-108LTS Lemon Drop but then the original owner tried to refinish it and sanded through the veneer between the pickups.
Thus he did the best next choice (lol) and painted it all black with spray bombs followed by a really bad relic job.
Took me ages to get all the black paint off from everywhere but managed overall.
I then refinished it in a Fender Fiesta Red with some light relic wear.
No grain filler on the back, allowed the lacquer to seep, giving it that older aged appearance.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Been a while but thought I would post some progress on a few guitars I have been working on that are finally done.
1st up is this old 1982 Tokai TE-60 I refinished from a poorly done spray bombed red into a nice lightly aged shell pink.

Next up is a mid to late 80s Burny Les Paul Custom slim.
Bought it bare bones and the original black finish was a little messed so I was going to redo it in black lacquer but decided, after stripping it, that the mahogany was too damn nice to cover up so I instead put about 8 thin coats of tung oil on it followed by 2 light coats of nitro and a mild faded burst. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Been ages!!
Truck is nearing completion and it will soon be back to guitar work and selling em!
Gotta get the numbers down more as I am over the excessive buying for the sake of owning/showing and getting back to focus on playing & finishing  =)
Anyway, here are a few shots of the interior.
Finally got the entire rewiring with a 20 fuse block done after a month of hard work and trouble shooting, made a center console for the fuse block to sit in along with the gauges, and got it started and running like it was new.
Brakes were just bled after the master cylinder rebuild and got the doghouse on and recoated the floors with rocker guard today.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Poor guitars are being neglected folks...selling a few but otherwise my guns and compressor have been occupied with my 1966 Econoline.
I have been working like a mad man lately on our hot sauce logo however. =)
Just finalized it today after many hours of frustration in Illustrator...still needs a star burst background but overall I am pretty stoked.
Udon, our Pug, is gonna be famous lol..

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Last minute decision on the Tokai =D
Shell pink with the original 1 ply white guard all the way.
Excuse the cell phone pics today.

Well now that work has ended I am have a paid summer off I have been super busy trying to get my 1966 Econoline all finished so I can start driving it during the screaming hot weather we have been getting and enjoy it. Well that and get it ready to be a company vehicle for our hot sauce we are rolling out. =)

So in between the 5 days @ 5 hours per day of truck work I have been refinishing guitars to sell and play.
Sold another 2 yesterday, helps out the bank account!

1st up was this Kurt Cobain'ed JM66 Jazzmaster someone had to of thrown into the air, way up, and allowed it to come down hard as the neck is cracked along the grain behind the 5th to 7th frets and unrepairable along with the body being split and cracked in 5 places, right through! I filled all the cracks with hot hide glue and clamped to dry. Then scraped off all the black poly to wood and filled to level the best I could (mad rhymes!). The filled areas below are "some" of those cracks.

And covered here in some mixed white nitro I did up, after a few base coats of clear to seal it up. 

And now, as of today, covered in my custom mixed lemongrass green. 

Also strippped a horrible home jobbed Fiesta Red on this 2 piece center seamed alder Tokai TE60? and deciding on what pastel colour to do.

Also finishing up the thinline Burny custom (laying flat) after 6 coats of tung and allowed to dry followed by a light burst and some amber lacquer. 

Also the Edwards LP (hanging up) with an aged Fiesta Red top and now finished Russet Amber Aniline dyed back. 

That is all for now, folks!